Experiencing the Big X   by Mark David Smith

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‘Big X’

'The Big X' refers to the large scale actual event that happened through about 80% of the first five books of the bible.  Or in other words - ‘The Big Exodus’!


The first section of the book, the plagues, takes place mostly in the ‘Nile Delta'. Egypt is in the northeast corner of the continent of Africa.


The title, Experiencing The Big X', refers to how the characters in our story experience living through the ten plagues and then the ultimate leaving for their promised land. The 6 main characters are teenagers. If you are an adult, please do not stop reading now. There are more adults in this story than teenagers. I used teenagers as my characters, because they have fresh, unadulterated views of life around them. This allows me, the author, to give a perspective that is not usually seen by reading the bible account or hearing someone give their commentary on what happened during the exodus.


If I were to give a one line explanation of my entire story, this is it: An Egyptian boy and girl whose families have always been kind to the slaves, befriend four Hebrew teenagers and they all experience the plagues before leaving Goshen.

Obviously, just these 6 characters, each by themselves, present their own situational problems. But, by putting away the two completely different cultural backgrounds, all they know is that they are the same age and they are friends to the end. Adults, in any society and cultural setting, CANNOT do this.

The bible says that when the Hebrews left Egypt, many of the Egyptians left with them. Now, looking at my characters, the rest of this story writes itself.

With any historical novel, the main outline of the story is history. Usually, some of the characters are actual people who were a part of this history and the others are added in to tell the story. With this actual historical event, I used the opposite approach. My main characters are fictional people interlaced with actual people who were part of the original story. You will even find the biblical Moshe, Aharon and Korah as everyday characters.

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